Tissue Culture Project preventing Cassava Mosiac Disease sms-underline

September 14th, Mr. Sukit Wanglee (Chairman of Thongohul Wanglee Foundtion) and other honored participants from the Thai Tapioca Development Institute; Mr. Jare Jutharattanakul, Prof. Dr. Jaroensak Rodjanapichet, Assoc.Prof. Wijarn Vichukit, have joined the opening ceremony “Tissue Culture” at Poonpipat Co.,Ltd.

Due to the threat of Cassava Mosiac Disease (CMD), it tremendously affects the production of tapioca and leads to shortage of disease-free cassava stem. The organization has launched the project “Cassava Tissue Culture”, under the support of Thongphul Wanglee Foundation. The project is run to develop and establish the virus-free mother plants, by giving the special techniques to prevent the virus in cassava and showing the treatment demonstration. The set goal is to help farmers on the production and promote Thai tapioca industry as it is one of the main agricultural products of the country.