The first batch of bio-compostable plastic bag with TAPIOPLAST® sms-underline

The first bioplastic manufacturer has launched TAPIOPLAST® (Thermoplastic starch), team up to produce Bio-Compostable Plastic Bag to practically use this year end.

Dr.Werawat Lertwanawatana – CEO of SMS Group, Dr.Noppadon Kerddonfag – the researcher of National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC) and Dr.Julathep Kajornchaiyakul – MTEC Executive Director, altogether have stated to the press about the success of “Bio-Compostable Plastic Bag” to be first launched this 15-24th November under the “Green Fair” campaign at Red Cross Fair 2019.

With this eco-friendly debut, Miss Narissai Mahathitirat – executive director of Thantawan Industry PLC also sponsored to run the production for Bio-Compostable Plastic Bag. The organizations have emphasized on the environmental impact of plastic use, promoted the environmental conservation, and encouraged to use the compostable bag in this huge fair. The eco-friendly innovation is designed to solve the organic waste problem and promote the zero waste according the plastic concern. Moreover, Dr.Werawat also stated that the bags made of SMS bioplastic will practically help to reduce the plastic waste due to its degradation within 90 days, and will be developed to keep the cost optimized to be used in household sector.