TAPIOPLAST® for bioplastic at NSTDA-Science Tour sms-underline

This 13th Feb, SMS showcased TAPIOPLAST® for bioplastic at NSTDA-Science Tour at Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The research again was highlighted on the success of starch plastic that is practically versatilely in the bioplastic industry such as bio-compostable shopping bags, bio-compostable garbage bags for organic waste, and bio-compostable nursery bags.

The objective of the NSTDA project was set to present scientific work, technology, and innovation for the development of northern areas; providing knowledge sharing, product exhibition, and science camp for young generation project which are accorded with company’s vision. We keep enlarging the starch innovation for further use in various products to partner with industrial manufacturers and creating sustainable societies.

With our deep appreciation for all collaboration to have pushed up bio-compostable bag for creating sustainability to the communities.

Explore the next talk of the bioplastic story at NAC 2020 in the coming April.