SMS joined the MOU Signing Ceremony, The Opportunities of Biodegradable Products

SMS joined the MOU Signing Ceremony – The Opportunities of Biodegradable Products sms-underline

On July 22nd, Dr. Werawat Lertwanawatana (CEO of SMS Group) and Dr. Siwarutt Boonyaratanakalin (Assistant Innovation Director) attended the MOU Signing Ceremony between TEI (Thailand Environment Institute) and TBIA (Thai Bioplastics Industry Association) at Centara Government Complex Hotel.

The president of TBIA, Mr. Viboon Pungprasert, stated the objective of the ceremony that was aimed to promote the growth of the bioplastic industry, target the opportunities to expand businesses, and raise awareness of bioplastic benefits. There were many special topics at the ceremony, highlighting ‘How far can bioplastic go’ and ‘How bioplastic will be a vital part of helping sustainability in terms of the environment.

Dr. Wijarn Simachaya (Director of TEI) emphasized the importance of moving Thailand toward a green network and acquiring certification for biodegradable plastic products. He also shared the planned strategies for pushing the use of bioplastics in the household and industrial sectors.

As a member of TBIA and a manufacturer of thermoplastic starch, we look forward to innovating the sustainable raw material to achieve the Bio-Circular-Economy model.