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TAPIOPLAST ® Bioplastic Straws, Achieve Bio-Circular-Economy Model & Reduce CO2 Emission sms-underline

8 November 2023, SMS first launched the grand opening event to introduce bioplastic straw made from tapioca, ‘ the agricultural product of Thailand’. The primary objective of launching this new end product directly to consumers is to push forward the use of sustainable products on the household scale.

Implementing the practical habit of green and sustainable products requires collaboration from many parties, including private, government, business, and household, to drive the whole cycle. As a modified tapioca starch manufacturer, SMS foresees the greater value of raw material and innovation expertise that can be adapted to create positive changes for consumers in many dimensions.Bioplastic straws from TAPIOPLAST® are produced in various types to perform environmental sustainability for all users. They can be naturally degradable within 1 year without leaving microplastic in the environment.

At the event, many sustainable products were also proposed to showcase the capability to prove the path to the BCG model, including bioplastic bags, bioplastic shopping bags, bioplastic mulch film, and barrier coating paper. Straw is a consumer product that is used and gone to waste daily. It would make a much more positive outcome if we could abate the waste and make it friendly to the environment we are living in by providing natural degradation.

Bio-based products are proven to produce less CO2 emission compared to petroleum-based products. With this fact, SMS has placed importance on promoting bio-based products to a bigger scale and encouraged the whole supply chain to sustainability pathway.