100% Degradable Bioplastic Bag from TAPIOPLAST® achieved BCG Economy

100% Degradable Bioplastic Bag from TAPIOPLAST® achieved BCG Economy sms-underline

Due to the plastic bag restriction starting on this 1st January 2020, Dr. Suvit Maesincee brought out the 100% degradable bioplastic bag made from tapioca starch for the real use, adding value to local agricultural products.

The bioplastic debut is considered to be the important kick start of plastic revolution in Thailand. The innovative bioplastic product is designed to solve the environmental problem, successfully promoting Zero plastic waste.

Mr. Khem Wanglee – The Managing Director of SMS Corporation, stated that the success of this challenge is that we can overcome the obstacle of high-cost bioplastic production by using TAPIOPLAST® (Thermoplastic starch) which has an excellent compatibility with other bio-plastic e.g. PLA and PBAT. Its faster rate of degradation takes only 4 months to completely degraded. It was first launched at Red Cross fair 2019 as a solution for organic waste management, leaving the golden opportunity for manufacturers in this competitive market.

By this success, the action is placed on the collaboration from all scale of organizations; government and private sector to take part in developing this eco-friendly product to be widely used in both domestic and international market, and also to support Thai farmers – encouraging the sustainable supply chain responding to BCG policy.