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SMS Underlined Starch Innovation for Pet Food at Pet Food Module sms-underline

Oct 4, 2023, SMS specialist team led by Dr. Nutthawee Thamjedsada (General Manager of Food Innovation) attended the event as the special speaker and highlighted the topic ‘Novel Ingredient: Alternative protein/ carbohydrate, fat replacer’. The event was held under the curriculum of Pet Food Industry Entrepreneur and Innovation, where there were many entrepreneurs, manufacturers, researchers, and SMEs attended.

SMS outlined the functional properties of modified starch solutions available for various kinds of pet food, including dry pet food, wet pet food, pet treats, semi-moist & jerky sticks, dog biscuits, and meat chunks. The wide range of SMS starch solutions is specially designed to enrich protein & fiber, maximize yield, and improve all kinds if textures.

Our researcher and specialist team are available to support any future requirement and assist all partners throughout all stages of product development. We look forward to a business partnership in the near future.