The Business Partners that go together with sustainable community sms-underline

For more than 30 years in the agricultural manufacturing business, SMS always have developed SEDEX – the world’s leading ethical trade practice as our core value for running the business. The importance is to assure and improve working and living conditions, working hours, human rights, wages, discrimination, and wellbeing of all parts in our business supply chain; farmers, staff, and partners. This indicates that the company respects and emphasizes on ethically and socially sustainable production.
In terms of business partners, we believe that ethical practice in business consequently brings the best partners and priceless creditability. SMS always collaborates with companies and agents that comply with the principles; human rights, environmental conservation, transparency, anti-corruption, and social responsibility.
With our long business relationship with UPM-Kymmene Corporation – the leading Finnish forest industry company reflects the clear picture that our creditability was drawn to an ethically sustainable supply chain.
Both companies have agreed to conduct the survey on more than 500 people; SMS Farmer members and staff who are the important people in the business supply chain. The interviewed questions are set by the universal standard, which measures business transparency and responsible business conduct in the sight of employees and farmers as our supplier.
The purpose is to commit that everyone in the whole business chain has a good quality of life, fair working conditions, and family well-being, and must be treated equally and ethically.
As a result, the feedback turned out positive, satisfaction, and wellness. SMS expresses our deep appreciation for every part of the collaboration to help push the sustainable development to all sectors in business and we believe that business partners under ethical conduct will create sustainable growth. Learn more activities during the UPM survey here