Farmer Membership Day 26th sms-underline

At Siam Quality Starch Co., Ltd. one of SMS group, the 26th Farmer Membership Day was held.
The fair was honored by Mr. Sukit Wanglee, Mr. Jarey Jutharattanakul, Prof. Dr. Jareon Rojjanaritpichet and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vijarn Vichchukit, the significant people of Thai Tapioca Products Factory Association. Farmers were sophisticated about tapioca knowledge and current situation to enhance tapioca production.

There were many activities and contest for farmers to enjoy at the fair; Big cassava root contest, Waxy tapioca root contest and lucky draw. Besides this vivid atmosphere among farmers and SMS staffs, there were special participants from the big paper manufacturer who concerned most about the CSR and farmers’ well-being. The second half of fair, many valued prizes were rewarded to the outstanding farmers for their hard work and positive results for tapioca manufacturing. The company was delightfully impressed with this warm relationship with farmers and committed to continue growing together with agricultural communities.