TAPIOPLAST® : Bioplastic to save the earth sms-underline

SMS is launching a starch-based plastic or a thermoplastic starch for driving biodegradable products. 

TAPIOPLAS®TPS, a starch plastic, which is especially designed for compounding with PBAT and/or PLA to produce bio-shopping bags and bio-mulch film products at a competitive cost to provide better performances.

Bioplastic film containing TAPIOPLAST® at recommendation level can be produced by conventional blown film extrusion. Masterbatch resins and other additives can be blended during processing. After production, the films will present good film strength e.g. tensile modulus, tensile strength, and elongation. For biodegradability, the products using TAPIOPLAST® can be completely biodegraded by natural microorganisms.

The bio-shopping bag will be degraded by a faster rate and it will play an important role in solving plastic waste problems. For the bio-mulch film, it can be degraded in the soil after crop without deterioration of soil structure which leads to no adverse effect on agricultural productivity. In order to advice the customer properly, our team are willing to give technical support. Please ask more detail at info@smscor.com