Superior Strength with EXCEL SPA-VR sms-underline

A conventional technique to achieve high ply bond strength is to increase native starch consumption as high as 150 kg/MT. 

Such an effort could lead to the rise of wastewater treatment as well as overall paper production costs.

EXCEL SPA-VR is a modified starch specially designed to maximize the adhesion power between paper ply. This unique quality of EXCEL SPA-VR brings up the coreboard strength while spray starch consumption is brought down. Moreover, faster machine speed could be achieved and paper production rate is boosted resulting in overall cost reduction.

EXCEL SPA-VR is easily applied to the paper web by just using the current spray starch facilities. The EXCEL SPA-VR preparation process in spray starch application is almost identical to native starch except its less consumption and paper mills cost will be optimized.

EXCEL SPA-VR provides the following properties to paper ply;
• Increase ply bond strength
• Increase machine speed while maintaining paper strength
• Reduce spray starch consumption up to 50%
• Reduce the total production cost

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