SMS C200 the Ultimate Permanent Corrugation with Less Spend sms-underline

Nowadays, corrugated board manufacturers continually strive to reduce the overall cost from glue preparation.

SMS as a global leader in modified tapioca starch presents the innovative starch solution for corrugated board industry to improve bonding, glue stability, and good water retention.

SMS C200 is an innovative carrier starch in corrugated board adhesive both single facer and double facer. SMS C200 dosage is 10-15% depending on glue properties such as desired viscosity, gelatinization temperature, solids content, type of glue kitchen and corrugator parameters.

SMS C200 provides following properties to corrugated board adhesive;

  • Stable glue viscosity
  • Good Water Retention
  • Stronger bonding performance
  • Less glue consumption
  • Less paper waste

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