A conventional technique to achieve high ply bond strength is to increase native starch consumption as high as 150 kg/MT. 

Such an effort could lead to the rise of wastewater treatment as well as overall paper production costs.

EXCEL SPA-VR is a modified starch specially designed to maximize the adhesion power between paper ply. This unique quality of EXCEL SPA-VR brings up the coreboard strength while spray starch consumption is brought down. Moreover, faster machine speed could be achieved and paper production rate is boosted resulting in overall cost reduction.

EXCEL SPA-VR is easily applied to the paper web by just using the current spray starch facilities. The EXCEL SPA-VR preparation process in spray starch application is almost identical to native starch except its less consumption and paper mills cost will be optimized.

EXCEL SPA-VR provides the following properties to paper ply;
• Increase ply bond strength
• Increase machine speed while maintaining paper strength
• Reduce spray starch consumption up to 50%
• Reduce the total production cost

For more information about recipe and technical guideline at



For the plastering mortar normally requires smoothness and levelness

To get these appearances, fresh mortar should have non-sagging and shear-thinning properties. SMS is proud to present EXCELCON A380, the special additive is used as a thickener in plastering application. It can be applied to either plaster or joint compound to make shear-thinning properties and smooth texture and provides sag resistance, reduces trowel stickiness and increase paste adhesion to the substrate.

As it can be used to replace more expensive building ingredients such as HPMC, with low dosages being sufficient to obtain the required thickening effect by using only 0.01 – 0.03% of EXCELCON A380.

EXCELCON A380 provides following properties to plastering mortar;

  • Anti-sagging
  • Shear-thinning to reduce force during troweling
  • Reduce trowel stickiness
  • Smoothness
  • Cost optimization

For more information about the recipe and technical guideline at

Natura® Lite, the healthy choice to deliver Health and Wellness for Clean Label Coated Nut & Fabricated Snack

In recent years, there has been a high demand for “clean label” food products which are made from simple and natural ingredient. This challenges food producers to reformulate their recipes and follow the clean label trend. As the coated nut and snack market has grown continuously, SMS has developed a new product line of functional native starches. Our “Natura® Lite”, a pregelatinized waxy tapioca starch classifies as food ingredient, can be used in all kinds of clean label products and is especially suitable for Coated Nut and Fabricated Snack.

Natura® Lite provides versatile benefits;

  • Light crispness
  • More uniform air cells
  • Improve product expansion
  • No E-number

With SMS Clean label starch, snack manufacturers can now balance clean label goals and the perfect product quality.

For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines, email us at

Gummy jelly with “soft” and “chewy” texture is uniquely derived from gelatin.

Gelatin is derived from collagen which can be extracted from animal skin especially form pig. However, the use of gelatin is prohibited by religious reasons, vegetarian food, and also does not comply with food certificates, namely Halal and Kosher. Plus that African swine fever has affected pig population and led to a price increase of gelatin.

Moreover, the number of vegan population is highly increasing as well as the demand for cost reduction; the gelatin is reported to grow dramatically during 2017-2025.

SMS formulates the solution KREATION® A115 for confectionery manufacturers to overcome gelatin replacement which is suitable for Halal, Vegetarian, and Vegan.

KREATION® A115 provides versatile benefits;

  • good film-forming property
  • chewiness and elasticity
  • improve glossiness
  • smooth appearance
  • 100% Gelatin replacement
  • Cost reduction

Explore more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at

This bouncing bubble tea keeps growing in popularity. It originated in Asian and now going strong worldwide. 

The most common ingredients of bubble tea include milk tea, sugar, and chewy tapioca pearl. However, tapioca pearl prepared from native tapioca starch is easy to retrograde in iced milk tea and the texture becomes too hard and difficult to chew on.

SMS solves this challenge with BAKE-N-SOFT F1, a modified waxy tapioca starch, specially developed for tapioca pearl and confectionery.

BAKE-N-SOFT F1 provides various benefits;

  • Soft and chewy texture
  • Easy preparation from reduced cooking time of tapioca pearl
  • Excellent stability in hot and cold water
  • Superior freeze and thaw stability

For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at

Nowadays, corrugated board manufacturers continually strive to reduce the overall cost from glue preparation.

SMS as a global leader in modified tapioca starch presents the innovative starch solution for corrugated board industry to improve bonding, glue stability, and good water retention.

SMS C200 is an innovative carrier starch in corrugated board adhesive both single facer and double facer. SMS C200 dosage is 10-15% depending on glue properties such as desired viscosity, gelatinization temperature, solids content, type of glue kitchen and corrugator parameters.

SMS C200 provides following properties to corrugated board adhesive;

  • Stable glue viscosity
  • Good Water Retention
  • Stronger bonding performance
  • Less glue consumption
  • Less paper waste

For more information of recipe and technical guideline at

SMS is launching a starch-based plastic or a thermoplastic starch for driving biodegradable products. TAPIOPLAST®, 

a starch plastic, which is especially designed for compounding with PBAT and/or PLA to produce bio-shopping bags and bio-mulch film products at a competitive cost to provide better performances.

Bioplastic film containing TAPIOPLAST® at recommendation level can be produced by conventional blown film extrusion. Masterbatch resins and other additives can be blended during processing. After production, the films will present good film strength e.g. tensile modulus, tensile strength, and elongation. For biodegradability, the products using TAPIOPLAST® can be completely biodegraded by natural microorganisms.

The bio-shopping bag will be degraded by a faster rate and it will play an important role in solving plastic waste problems. For the bio-mulch film, it can be degraded in the soil after crop without deterioration of soil structure which leads to no adverse effect on agricultural productivity. In order to advice the customer properly, our team are willing to give technical support. Please ask more detail at

As the skim coat is applied at a thin layer, it needs very high water retention to prevent water evaporation from the surface and imgration into the substrate.  

However, too much of cellulose addition usually causes the stickiness problem while troweling. Hence, SMS introduces EXCELCON 300, the innovative starch ether, as an additive to boost up workability, cost saving, anti-sagging and to solve the stickiness problem for the perfect skim coating.

EXCELCON 300 provides following properties to skim coat.

  • Shear-thinning to reduce force during troweling.
  • Reduce stickiness of skim coat to the trowel.
  • Excellent workability which enables to the fast troweling and smooth surface.

Only 0.02 – 0.05% of EXCELCON 300 can provide excellent workability which enables the applicator to do a trowel job easier and faster with a smoother surface.

For more information about the recipe and technical guideline at

Potato Starch is widely used in many applications in the food industry due to its performance in enhancing food properties.

However, recent years the price of potato has gradually increased and potato starch buyers are finally confronted with a severe short supply situation. There comes the alternative from other tuber crops, tapioca, the starches extracted from tapioca offer the same properties as potato does.
SMS is delivering solutions through innovative modified tapioca starches like potato starch alternative. The solutions with excellent functions such as texturizing, binding, thickening, elasticity and firmness improving which are perfectly applied in many food applications.

KREATION®OP– for Cheese dusting powder
SMS 454, KREATION® M2, KREATION® 10CL-  Texturizers for meat products
KREATION® EP, KREATION® D2, KREATION® 420- Texturizers for noodle and frozen food products
KREATION® 10CS- Texturizer for snack products

For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at

Download our leaflet of ALTERNATIVE FOR POTATO STARCH.

Yogurt is an all-day favorite, a healthy choice, full of good nutrition. 

It is contributing to a good digestion system and part of a balanced diet for weight management. New product developers are working to cater to the growing demand of health-conscious consumers.
You can now reduce the fat content in yogurt while maintaining an indulging and creamy mouthfeel. Available to you is D-PERSE®1 special maltodextrin, specially developed for low fat product with the same rich texture as traditional full fat yogurt.

D-PERSE®1 provides versatile benefits:
• Excellent fat replacer
• Indulgent creamy texture
• Melt-in-month
• Viscosity consistency

D-PERSE®1, you can deliver the indulgent yogurt that impresses consumers.
For more information about the recipe and technical guidelines at


SMS highlighted concept of “Clean Label Solutions” and launched new functional native starches with Natura STN

Consumers are focusing on the healthy lifestyle, avoiding E-number and chemical ingredient in their intake. SMS, we innovate “Natura STN” to respond the market with its superior capability to improve bakery products,
Natura STN is a functional native starch, specially developed for bakery application that desires soft texture like steamed cake. Its preferable function of Natura STN enables the better baking solution together with food purity.

Natura STN provides versatile benefits;
• Provide soft texture
• Reduce tooth packing
• Extend shelf life of product

Natura STN, the natural solution for you to deliver balancing ingredient for healthiness.
For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at


SMS Corporation introduced new functional native starch which developed for marinated meat products

New product, Natura UP, has functionalities similar with modified starch. It can help further manufacturers to create a new formula with clean label declaration while maintaining high cooking yield, tenderness, and juiciness similar with Sodiumtripolyphosphate (STPP) or modified starch formula. Natura UP helps lessen moisture loss comparing with using STPP or modified starch.

Natura UP provides versatile benefits;
• Increase cooking yield
• Improve water holding capacity of product
• Juiciness of meat product

Get your marinated meat enticing with Natura UP
For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at

SMS Corporation has launched innovative modified starch for lightweight gypsum board. 

SMS PB916 is modified starch which specially designed for increasing strength of lightweight gypsum board in term of flexural and nail pull resistance at 25% caused reducing the production cost. This product does not funtion as gypsum board adhesive since its benefit is to improve flexural strength and nail pull resistance. SMS PB916 also designed to enhance gypsum core strength which will not much migrate to the paper liner during drying of gypsum board. In order to advice customer properly, our team are willing to give technical support. Please ask more detail at 

SMS proudly presents innovative carrier starch for corrugated board adhesive. 

“SMS GREEN 416” is specially designed to be used as “carrier part” of corrugated board adhesive with the benefits of improving corrugated board production speed, even with the high size press paper, faster bonding and higher board strength (ECT, FCT and PAT), stable adhesive viscosity and minimize splashing. With our innovation, our technical support team is confident to give the best service to customers. Please contact us for more detail at

SMS Corporation launched the innovative functional native starch which 

can be formulated in clean label product with superior function. Natura Lite is the functional native starch that customers can claim for natural product, non GMO. Natura Lite comes with unique and specific performance in baked products.

Therefore, it can be formulated in baked coated nut recipe with extra light crispness.
Now Natura Lite is available for sample and commercialization. Please contact us for more technical detail or ask for sample at

SMS Corporation introduced the texturizer for imitation cheese, KREATION®MB,

which replace a part of sodium caseinate in formulation. Not only optimizes production cost, using KREATION®MB also improves smooth, glossy texture and easy shredding. It’s suitable for cheddar cheese type. Please contact us for more detail at

SAUCETEC 637 Innovative Thickener for Sauce and Filling Products

The key factor of savory sauce and filling is attractive appearance. Based on SMS’s expertise on sauce and filling industries, we know what consumers is looking for and what manufacturer would need to make perfect sauce and filling. SAUCETEC 637 is formulated as excellent thickener that provides high viscosity and glossy appearance for bakery filling, gravies gel, or sauces and helps prolong shelf life.

SAUCETEC 637 provides versatile benefits;
• Excellent freeze-thaw stability
• Heat, acid, and shear process resistance
• Enhance glossiness
• High viscosity
• Prolong product shelf life

Attract consumers by indulgent appearance with SAUCETEC 637

For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at

Pulping Texture is preferable appearance for tomato based food products such as ketchup, spaghetti sauce, or sardine canned sauce

SMS has innovated pulping agent, V-TEX, which could be replaced partial tomato paste in the recipe. Usage V-Tex only 1 % can replace up to 30 % of tomato paste with remaining pulpy and grainy texture of finished product. This is the key point for cost saving project.

V-TEX® provides versatile benefits;
• Pulpy and grainy texturizer
• 30% tomato solid replacement
• Applicable for canned products
• 25% save up cost production

Implement your tomato-based products with desirable and tasteful texture with V-TEX®
For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at

EXCELCON 100 is innovative starch which is specially developed for construction industry.

EXCELCON 100 is suitable for skim coat since it provides excellent workability. EXCELCON 100 is also suitable for plastering and gypsum plaster. Our team is ready to serve you at

KLIC 10 is a specialty additive for paper coating which used to serve less binder concept while remain the same surface paper strength on high starch part coating formulation. 

KLIC 10 addition help to increase dry pick resistance resulting to get less binder, particularly reduce latex portion on high starch part coating formulation. Our paper technical support team is ready to help you by contact

EXCELCON A850 is innovative starch which is specially developed for construction industry.

EXCELCON A850 provides an excellent anti-sagging and anti-slip in plastering, tile adhesive, repair and insulation. Please contact us for more detail at


Experience the charm of deep-fried meat product with the right crispness from


The crispy recipes are popularly enjoyed by people around the world. These deep-fried meat coating products have its own charm to attract consumers; enticing fried smell, crispness, and golden-brown appearance. However, when moisture moves rapidly to surface and causes an explosive effect which results the blow-off surface. For this reason, pre-dusting starch is commonly used to improve adhesion between meats and crusts in batter mix products.
SMS has launched S-TEX®PRO a pre-dusting starch to enhance properties of batter mix products, which are applicable to all kinds of meats including poultry, pork, and seafood, to reach consumer’s preference.

S-TEX®PRO provides versatile benefits;
• High adhesion efficiency
• Save up 50% dosage level
• Yielding cost optimization
• Excellent process tolerance
• Freeze & Thaw stability
• Viscosity consistency

With S-TEX®PRO, we make sure you can deliver the right charisma of deep-fried products.
For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at

Improve your desirable Dysphagia food with HI-PERSE™ CLEAR

As the elder market is growing due to the increasing elder population, the food innovation is now developed according to the elder’s body system. The food texture modification is essentially introduced to help people who have Dysphagia condition (swallowing difficulty). Dysphagia commonly leads to anorexia and sufficient nutrition deficit. Hence, rheological modification of food is needed to solve the challenge.

SMS, we come up with HI-PERSE™ CLEAR as food thickeners to improve rheology, product viscosity, stability, and desirable mouthfeel, which are applicable for various food and beverages to get your consumers enjoy their diet and better health.

HI-PERSE™ CLEAR provides versatile benefits; 

• Desirable Clearness
• No color and taste interference
• Viscosity consistency
• Easy dispersions at low mixing speed
• Fast viscosity both in hot and cold condition
• Good appearance for food decoration

Solve dysphagia problems with HI-PERSE™ CLEAR, to bring the deliciousness and healthiness to your valued consumers.

For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at



To run the perfect paper production, the excellent emulsifying agent to help blend water and Alkyl Succinic Anhydrides (ASA) is essentially needed at the wet end process. It provides effective cellulose fiber retention and water repellency to paper and paper board.

However, the use of unsuitable emulsifying agent for emulsification with ASA usually causes the sticky and deposit problems resulting in poor machine runnability. Hence, SMS introduces PROMPTSIZE 30, a ready-to-use cationic liquid starch as ASA emulsifier, optimizing cost by enhancing ASA emulsification performance

PROMPTSIZE 30 provides following benefits:

  • Controllable viscosity range
  • Consistent particle size emulsion
  • Less ASA hydrolysis
  • Lower overall sizing costs
  • Improve machine runnability
  • Cost optimization

PROMPTSIZE 30 must be diluted with water prior to emulsification with ASA. An acceptable ratio of 1: 1 of PROMPTSIZE 30 to ASA is recommended for most applications.

For more information about the recipe and technical guideline at


Organic products become more than just a trend, but it becomes lifestyle and the natural way of living that people desire.

The concern has risen to every ingredient in food products up to non-chemical raw material use in production.

SMS, we understand the consumer’s demand and healthiness preference, thus we come up with ORGANICA Series, the organic starch solutions with ultimate performances to be applied for various food ingredients; snacks, soups, sauces, and seasoning powders.

 ORGANICA Series provides wide range of benefits;
ORGANICA T1; a certified organic native tapioca starch which is applicable to provide superior texture, improve crispness and puffing ability.

ORGANICA 128; a certified organic tapioca maltodextrin specially applied for excellent solid replacer and efficiently enhances flowability.

ORGANICA 197; a certified organic pregelatinized tapioca starch with superb binding ability and meltability.

Meet the consumer’ preferences with healthful and natural products by our ORGANICA Series, the aesthetic of food you can have from nature.

For more information on the recipe and technical guidelines at


Experience the meatless product with excellent flavor, taste, and texture just like real meat with KREATION® N-BIND

The future of food and protein source for human will go through huge changes this decade. Plant-based protein will gain market share against meat source due to lower resource consumption in farming plants compared to livestock. Taking less land, water, energy, and also generating less greenhouse gas.

To make an incredible meat, textured vegetable protein (TVP) is generally the main ingredient among others in combination with binding starch to make a patty. The meatless patty requires fibrous, firm, and chewy texture accustomed in regular meat patty. KREATION® N-BIND has been precisely formulated to bind all ingredients from breaking up during mixing, grilling, or frying while maintaining juiciness.

KREATION® N-BIND provides versatile benefits;
• Excellent protein binding ability
• High water binding capability
• Desirable elasticity of meat patty
• Maintaining fibrous like and juicy texture

You can now deliver sustainable plant-based protein that tastes flavorful with KREATION® N-BIND
More information on recipes and technical guidelines at

Experience the most delicious and convenient soup with GENIGEL® M78

To enjoy an indulgent appetizer such as mushroom soup, gravy, or creamy soup, it is necessary to have the texture rightly smooth and tender. Responding to the DIY trend nowadays, consumers prefer to cook themselves for convenience but also demand the freshest and desirable texture.

SMS presents GENIGEL® M78 modified waxy tapioca starch designed with care for smooth and creamy texture in soup, sauce, and liquid foods. The exceptional properties of GENIGEL® M78 allows for a range of formulation to optimize solutions.

GENIGEL® M78 provides versatile benefits;
- Provide short and creamy texture
- Increase viscosity rapidly to liquid food products
- Excellent heat, acid, shear resistance
- Bland taste

With outstanding glossy appearance and high process tolerance of GENIGEL® M78 waxy tapioca starch, we ensure that consumers will experience the preferable texture, stability, and rich mouthfeel. More information on recipes and technical guidelines at



clean label yogurt

“Yogurt” the indulgence of healthy and clean food every generation loves.

As yogurt gets more popular by the day in every country, the demand for clean label yogurt gets even stronger. No E-Number or any chemical sounding names in yogurt are what health conscious consumers look for.
SMS presents Natura® Y808, the functional native waxy tapioca starch with superior properties to meet the demand for clean label yogurt solutions.

Natura® Y808 provides versatile benefits; 

- Excellent heat, acid, shear resistance
- Glossiness, creaminess, and smooth texture
- Viscosity stability
- Long shelf life
- No E-number
- Bland taste

Natura® Y808 is a natural product with exceptional properties made from waxy tapioca starch through clean label technology for the most concerned healthy market trend. More information on recipes and technical guidelines at


Food manufacturers will be happy to experience this convenience and simplicity

Due to changing lifestyle of people, instant products have turned to be their choices as it serves convenience as well as tasty flavor. However, the difficulty in production is the high cost and complexity of spray drying.
SMS has developed the starch solution, D-PERSE® CAP, giving the super convenience way and utmost performance to help facilitate the food production with the least cost for food manufacturers.

D-PERSE® CAP provides versatile benefits; 

• Prevent oil separation
• Easy to transform liquid to powder without spray drying
• High oil loading capacity up to 50% while remaining free-flowing properties
• Excellent spreadibility of product
• Smooth appearance & light weight
• High Flavor and odor absorption
• Completely release oil and flavor when dissolved in cold or hot water.

D-PERSE® CAP Serving the convenience and perfect taste to the market. More information on recipes and technical guidelines at


Create the gentle touch soap bar for silky skin

In general, Maltodextrin gains its popularity in food application. It is used as sweeteners, fat replacer, and bulking agent. However, it is also used in non-food application such as personal care and beauty product, which gives out a satisfying performance.

SMS introduced the functional maltodextrin derived from tapioca starch, EXCELCARE SB20, to improve soft & gentle foam texture, appropriate creaminess for soap bar, which leaves the silky soft touch after rinse-off.

EXCELCARE SB20 provides versatile benefits:
- Enhancement of lather aesthetic
- Silky smooth texture after rinse-off
- Natural base ingredient
- Excellent film foaming
- Last longer creaminess foam
- Faster drying time
- No irritating effect

Experience the gentle touch with natural-based solution EXCELCARE SB20
More information on recipes and technical guidelines at

To have a healthier diet is to get your food full of fiber with PHYBOPLUS 2 

Traditional noodle made from rice and wheat flour does not contain much nutrient that body human actually needs but conversely it is stored as fat. Undeniably, people feel much better when there is high fiber content in their food. Hence, adding fiber into staple food such as noodle is the wholesome solution to boost up healthiness.

SMS found the way to implement nutrition by adding fiber into noodle products with PHYBOPLUS 2, tapioca-based resistant starch that functions as fiber. PHYBOPLUS 2 is applicable in fresh, dried, and instant noodle, and performs an elastic and smooth texture that consumers will enjoy.

PHYBOPLUS 2 provides versatile benefits;
• Capacity of fiber-added
• Smooth and elastic texture
• Easy process at 10-15% of flour
• Function as fiber to improve insulin sensitivity

Lift up the nutrition in the food products with PHYBOPLUS 2, serving healthfulness for the better diet.
More information on recipes and technical guidelines at

The Multifunction Starch Excipient for Pha

The Ideal Choice for the Economical Tablet Compression

The growing demands for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products have called forth the manufacturers’ challenges to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. The most common problems in the tablet process are tablet capping and weight variation which affect the efficiency of production.

 These problems can be solved with TAPIOPHARM™119a new premium partially pregelatinized tapioca starch. TAPIOPHARM™119 is an excipient with multi-functions including excellent binder, excellent glidant, and excellent disintegrant, enabling up to 100% MCC replacement. Thus, tablets manufactured by TAPIOPHARM™119 are more cost-effective. TAPIOPHARM™119 is specially designed for direct compression and hard capsule filling, to help manufacturers solve the problems of low content uniformity, and tablet weight inconsistency with the best possible cost optimization. It also can be used as a filler/binder in wet/dry granulation. 

TAPIOPHARM™119 provides versatile benefits:
• High flowability
• Excellent disintegration
• Up to 100% MCC replacement
• Stable content uniformity
• High-speed tableting
• Low friability
• Cost-effectiveness
• Time-saving

Optimize the cost and time consumption while maintaining excellent tablet quality with TAPIOPHARM™119
More information on recipes and technical guidelines at


Disposable gloves could be made of different types of polymers including natural latex, nitrile rubber, and polyvinyl chloride. Modified starch is applied to the inside of the gloves as a lubricant for donning purposes and the prevention of stickiness. Absorbable dusting powder is a heat resistant modified starch which prevents the starch from gelatinization under high temperature. SURGON provides a lubricating function when fitting the gloves.

SMS offers an innovative starch, SURGON, produced from corn starch and is USP compliant. SURGON can be applied at a low coat weight to provide excellent lubrication on various types of disposable gloves. It can be applied in a wet or dry process whichever is preferred.

SURGON E & SURGON W provide versatile benefits:
• High heat resistance
• Good dispersion
• Excellent lubrication
• Suitability for natural and synthetic rubber
• Low impurities and low micro-organism

Both solutions are similar in functionalities while performing best under varying conditions. SMS specialists can provide guidance and give customized recommendations depending on the manufacturing conditions.

SURGON meets the USP standard requirements and ensures the best quality of powdered gloves.
More information on recipes and technical guidelines at



all purpose meatless product

Let us help you translate great idea into delicious plant-based foods via I-BIND™

In comparison with typical livestock meats, plant-based meat offers a healthier choice because plant-based meat is free from cholesterol, antibiotics, and hormones. These healthy attributes make plant-based meat increasingly attractive to everyone. Both vegetarians as well as flexitarians turn to meat alternatives for better health, better tastes, and sustainability. With the growing demand, many food companies are interested in creating their signature plant-based products to capture the huge market opportunity from the global trend.

At SMS Innovation Center, we are dedicated to exploring the perfect blend of plant-based meat with real meat texture by enhancing firm bite, bouncy, and juicy textures that consumers prefer. The fibrous texture is commonly formulated using Texturized Vegetable Protein (TVP) or Texturized Pea Protein (TPP). However, structured vegetable protein alone cannot imitate animal meat due to the lack of binding ability and firm bite.

SMS offers you a comprehensive system for plant-based meat via I-BIND™, an integrated blend of plant proteins and food texturizers specifically developed for all-purpose meat-like experience through texturizing and binding of plant-based meat. I-BIND™ enables you to broaden your recipes for plant-based culinary including meat patty, minced meat, meatball, stir-fried meat, and nugget by enhancing the firm-bite and bouncy & juicy texture of plant-based proteins. With only I-BIND, you can quickly and easily develop your own plant-based recipe on the way to grow more opportunities.

I-BIND™ provides versatile benefits:
• Firm and Bouncy Bite
• Juicy Texture
• Excellent Binding Ability (Mixing, Freezing, Grilling, Deep Frying, and Steaming)
• Convenience
• Non-GMO
• Non-Allergen

I-BIND™ innovation is continually developed to create delightful meals for plant-based consumers. The diverse plant-based menus capturing consumers’ eating lifestyles are expanding the market wider than ever.

With SMS’s technical capabilities and footprint, we can help translate your great ideas into delicious food products. Our plant-based meat specialists can support you to formulate perfect meat analogs achieving the textures your customers are looking for. SMS Innovation Center is equipped with technologies, instruments, and most importantly expertise, always available to support your company toward greater innovations.

More information on recipes and technical guidelines at