Easy Donning Gloves with SURGON sms-underline

Disposable gloves could be made of different types of polymers including natural latex, nitrile rubber, and polyvinyl chloride. Modified starch is applied to the inside of the gloves as a lubricant for donning purposes and the prevention of stickiness. Absorbable dusting powder is a heat resistant modified starch which prevents the starch from gelatinization under high temperature. SURGON provides a lubricating function when fitting the gloves.

SMS offers an innovative starch, SURGON, produced from corn starch and is USP compliant. SURGON can be applied at a low coat weight to provide excellent lubrication on various types of disposable gloves. It can be applied in a wet or dry process whichever is preferred.

SURGON E & SURGON W provide versatile benefits:
• High heat resistance
• Good dispersion
• Excellent lubrication
• Suitability for natural and synthetic rubber
• Low impurities and low micro-organism

Both solutions are similar in functionalities while performing best under varying conditions. SMS specialists can provide guidance and give customized recommendations depending on the manufacturing conditions.

SURGON meets the USP standard requirements and ensures the best quality of powdered gloves.
More information on recipes and technical guidelines at info@smscor.com