EXCELCON 300 for Skim Coating sms-underline

As the skim coat is applied at a thin layer, it needs very high water retention to prevent water evaporation from the surface and imgration into the substrate.  

However, too much of cellulose addition usually causes the stickiness problem while troweling. Hence, SMS introduces EXCELCON 300, the innovative starch ether, as an additive to boost up workability, cost saving, anti-sagging and to solve the stickiness problem for the perfect skim coating.

EXCELCON 300 provides following properties to skim coat.

  • Shear-thinning to reduce force during troweling.
  • Reduce stickiness of skim coat to the trowel.
  • Excellent workability which enables to the fast troweling and smooth surface.

Only 0.02 – 0.05% of EXCELCON 300 can provide excellent workability which enables the applicator to do a trowel job easier and faster with a smoother surface.

For more information about the recipe and technical guideline at info@smscor.com.