EXCELCARE SB20 Functional Maltodextrin for personal care and beauty product sms-underline

Create the gentle touch soap bar for silky skin

In general, Maltodextrin gains its popularity in food application. It is used as sweeteners, fat replacer, and bulking agent. However, it is also used in non-food application such as personal care and beauty product, which gives out a satisfying performance.

SMS introduced the functional maltodextrin derived from tapioca starch, EXCELCARE SB20, to improve soft & gentle foam texture, appropriate creaminess for soap bar, which leaves the silky soft touch after rinse-off.

EXCELCARE SB20 provides versatile benefits:
- Enhancement of lather aesthetic
- Silky smooth texture after rinse-off
- Natural base ingredient
- Excellent film foaming
- Last longer creaminess foam
- Faster drying time
- No irritating effect

Experience the gentle touch with natural-based solution EXCELCARE SB20
More information on recipes and technical guidelines at info@smscor.com