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Improve weaving efficiency with competitive cost

On the weaving machine, the warp yarns are subjected to three frictions: stretch, strain, and abrasion. Thus, the sizing of warp yarn is essential to reduce breakage of the yarn to ensure that weaving machine will have less production loss due to room stoppages. The traditional sizing formula for cotton-yarns contains starch, PVA, acrylic, and wax. Starch and PVA perform the same film former and binder functions. However, the textile industry prefers to reduce PVA in sizing formula because it is synthetic, difficult in de-sizing, not environmentally friendly, and high in production cost.

SMS can help to reduce PVA in textile warp sizing with high quality modified tapioca starch containing various viscosity ranges with excellent adhesion and easy de-sizing, especially for cotton yarn. SMS will work closely with you for detail application advice in close consultation with the factory personnel to meet the specific requirements of each factory.

textile, modified starch, laundry starch, warp sizing

Film Former or Binder

The sizing solution containing modified starches, SIZETEX 5 and SIZETEX series, provide high yarn abrasion resistance due to good adhesion power resulting to good weaving efficiency for cotton and cotton blended yarn.

Moreover, the sizing solution containing SIZETEX A55, SIZETEX E55, or FABRICTEX® 15 will provide viscosity stability at low temperature.

modified starch, warp sizing, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

PVA Replacer

PVA is petroleum based material with the highest cost in warp sizing formula.

SIZETEX® PVS300D can be used to replace PVA in sizing 10-30% while SIZETEX PVS 600D can be replaced to PVA at higher 30%, reducing chemical cost and environmentally friendly at high weaving efficiency.

modified starch, warp sizing, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

Acrylic Replacer

SIZETEX®KLIC540D is anionic starch for 100% acrylic polymer replacement in sizing for cotton and cotton blended yarn.

It provides good adhesion and absorb moisture in the weaving room to increase the flexibility of the sizing film on the sized yarn resulting to get high weaving efficiency.

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