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Tissue Paper, modified starch, กระดาษทิชชู, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

Tissue paper has become a must have product for our daily life. Utilization of this kind of paper is increasing rapidly all over the world. It is used for hygienic and sanitary purposes both at home or in public places. Cellulose fibers are the main source of tissue paper similar to other paper products. High quality tissue paper is made from virgin fibers. However, some grades use recycled fibers to reduce environmental impact.

SMS innovative wet end starches can help you to improve paper quality and reduce production costs from the uses of recycled fibers and starch application.


Modified Starch for Wet End Solutions

The use of wet end starch decreases softness property which is the key property of tissue paper, but softness can be improved by reducing the refining of tissue furnished.

Wet end starch can reduce the refining because it helps to improve paper strength through the hydrogen bonding during the sheet dried. In addition, drainage and fines retention are also improved from the flocculation mechanism.

EZCAT® Series is a pregelatinized starch which is easy-to-use product in wet end process of tissue paper manufacturing. It enhances internal bonding resulting in less amount of paper dust formed and gives possibilities to reduce furnish costs by replacing chemicals and high quality of fiber with other grade of fiber.

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