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Specialty Paper, spraying starch, pregelatinized starch, แป้งพรีเจล

Specialty paper is a kind of niche market for paper business. This market is growth every year as technology is changing rapidly and new products are being developed. Modified starch is essential part for this development under environmental-friendly concept through tailor-made properties for specific applications.

With SMS technology from our research center, tailor made starch solutions are provided to meet with the specific requirements for our customers

Modified Starch for Coreboard-High Ply Bond

High ply bond grade core board is commonly used in the paper and board industries as well as in textile and yarn applications. SMS has developed the specialty products for spraying applications, EXCEL SPA VR.

It is an innovative starch used to increase ply bond with a lower dosage compared to native starches resulting in BOD and COD reduction. 

Modified Starch for Dye Sublimation Paper

Sublimation paper is a specialty paper used for the sublimation transfer printing process. It has a coating on the surface which effectively means the ink should be retained on the paper surface or the coated layer.

The KLIC S Series is a pregelatinized starch which is an easy-to-use product to replace CMC used as binder in coating formulations, leading to lower coating color costs.

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