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The market for packaging paper, both carton board and container board are growing every year due to the rapid growth of online shopping and high demand for green products. The properties of packaging paper need to be customizable to meet customer or product-specific requirements e.g., lightweight but strong for container board.

SMS has extensive experience applying modified starch in the paper making process for packaging paper. Our product portfolio consists of products for applications in wet-end, spray, surface-sizing and coating in order to help to improve paper quality and reduce costs. In addition, SMS has a research center in Thailand where we can perform laboratory investigations and application tests to find a suitable product for your system.

ASA Emulsifier

PROMPTSIZE 30 is a ready-to-use cationic liquid starch for use as an ASA emulsifier, optimizing costs by enhancing ASA emulsion performance, decreasing ASA hydrolysis  with high retention on fibers. It is highly suitable for paper mills using recycled paper and amphoteric starch at wet end.

Spraying Solutions

The better and more economical way to enhance the strength of multi-ply paper emerges here.

Leveraging the advanced technology of modified tapioca starch for spraying, we guarantee superior ply bonding strength and cost reduction for your paper products.

SMS has developed specialty products for spraying applications, the EXCEL SPA Series.

It is an innovative starch used for increasing ply bond with lower dosage compared to native starches resulting in BOD and COD reduction.

Our modified starch, EXCEL PB is produced under GMP standards and used for increasing paper strength properties especially ply bond and burst strength.

Wet End Solutions

Most packaging paper especially container board is made using recycled wastepaper for paper production. Paper recycling rates continue to rise due to economic and environmental initiatives but the quality of fibers from recycled wastepaper is worse than virgin fiber, resulting in loss of paper strength. Consequently, SMS has developed an amphoteric starch, the EXCELPLUS Series, used for dealing with recycled fibers which have higher fine content in order to increase retention, drainage ability, and paper strength properties.

Also, our modified starches the EXCELCAT® Series can be used for all paper grades. It is designed for a wide range of pulp conductivity, effectively performing even with high conductivity systems due to reduced consumption of fresh water. It delivers improved internal strength, fine retention, and drainage, to optimize internal sizing consumption as an ASA/AKD emulsifier.

Surface Sizing Solutions

The EXCELSIZE Series is modified tapioca starch with a controllable viscosity range, used to improve surface strength and smoothness with good film forming.

The EXCELSIZE C Series predominant function is printability improvement and BOD reduction of broke recycling processes in wet end operations.

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Coating Solutions

A cost-effective solution by replacing synthesis binders with eco-friendly products, the KLIC Series is an additive for total binder reduction in coating formulas resulting in significant binder cost reduction. It can be added in dry form to the coating color for convenient use and lower energy consumption.

The EXCELCOAT® Series is suitable for use as a co-binder in coating formulations to reduce binder cost. It has better stability than traditional coating starch, allowing for higher starch solids without affecting the production process and improving the optical quality of papers.

Water retention is also significantly improved resulting in the reduction of additives, especially rheology modifiers

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