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Gypsum Wall Board, modified starch, gypsum core, paper liner, แผ่นยิปซัม, แผ่นยิปซัมมวลเบา

Superior board strength and paper adhesion

Gypsum wallboard construction continuously increases each year because of the high growth rate of the world population and urban living with high rise building. There are many grades of gypsum wallboard for interior construction, sound isolation, thermal isolation, moisture and impact resistance. The trend of this industry is lightweight gypsum wallboard, particularly interior ceiling board 30% lighter in weight while retaining the required properties. The gypsum core composition is strengthened and resistant to sag with use of special additives. The benefits of lightweight gypsum wallboard, besides lower material cost, are easy to lift, less fatigue for installation, and reduce transportation fuel and cost.
SMS provides innovative tapioca-based starch solutions for both lightweight gypsum wallboard and high-quality gypsum board for all purposes in construction. SMS will work closely with you for detail application advice in close consultation with the factory personnel to meet the specific requirement of each factory.

Paper Adhesive


Our starches have various viscosity range to match with gypsum board operation temperature that provide good migration of starch molecules resulting to good adhesion between gypsum core and paper liner.


Core Strength Improver

With the high performance of SMS PB916 that enhances gypsum crystal strength, it then increases flexural strength and nail pull resistance for lightweight gypsum board.

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