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Enhance thickening and workability with EXCELCON Series
Nowadays, gypsum plaster is getting more popular due to its various advantages over the cement mortars. It has excellent insulation properties for both thermal and acoustic. It also provides fire retardation property, protection from moisture and vapor. Using gypsum plaster in the construction can reduce the curing time which aids in faster construction. Gypsum production generates less CO2 emission than cement since the calcination is occurring at a lower temperature. The source of gypsum can be mined from the natural or using the by-product from other industries e.g. FGD from the power plant or Phosphogypsum from the fertilizer industry. The ratio between natural gypsum and synthetic gypsum is about 50:50.

Major products of gypsum plaster are machine spray plaster, hand-applied plaster and skim coat for the interior decorative application. Workability is very important to the plaster since it will reflect on the speed of work and quality of the finished work.

SMS offers the starch ether “EXCELCON” to adjust the workability of gypsum plaster in each application as EXCELCON 300 for gypsum skim coat.

modified starch, concrete, mortar, ether starch

Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum plaster is more popularly used in the interior wall plaster since it has insulation properties, fire and impact resistant.

Workability and anti-sagging properties are important to the gypsum plaster to make the high-quality finishing and faster the application rate.

EXCELCON A380 provides these properties to gypsum plaster to enhance fresh mortar properties which are suitable for the plaster.

modified starch, concrete, mortar, ether starch

Gypsum Skim Coat

Gypsum skim coat is a thin layer smooth finished coating made from gypsum. It provides a high-quality surface and can be used to cover the small defect from the wall substrate.

Workability is the most important property to the gypsum skim coat since the applicator needs to apply the sticky gypsum mortar to the wall at a very thin layer.

EXCELCON 300 provides extra smooth properties to the gypsum skim coat. The excellent workability lead to a faster rate of application and easy to apply.

modified starch, concrete, mortar, ether starch

Gypsum Spray Plaster

Machine spray gypsum plaster is wildly used in the new construction site because it can apply the plaster at a very high rate with less waste during transportation.

The gypsum mortar to be used with spray machine need to be easily mixed with water. It also should have an excellent anti-sagging property to prevent rebound and has good workability for easy troweling.

EXCELCON A850 is developed for spray mortars to provide fast thicking, anti-sagging and good workability.

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