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Rapid setting time and aggressive tack gummed tapes

Gummed paper tape is widely used for sealing and packing cardboard box. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable; therefore, a sustainable solution toward the future for the packaging industry. Gummed paper tape is easy to use and eco- friendly because it can be recycled along with the box. They are made of Kraft paper coated with starch-based adhesive on one side of the paper surface. Water activated gummed paper tape processing needs stable glue viscosity, high solids content, fast drying, aggressive tack, and
good machine runnability.
SMS offers innovative tapioca-based starch “BIOGUM” to meet these demands in processing parameters. Furthermore, SMS technical support team will work closely with you for detailed application to meet the specific requirements of each factory.

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Gummed Paper Tape

Getting your gummed paper tape with more stable glue viscosity with BIOGUM 15, it helps provide fast and aggressive tack in tape gluing process. Besides, the starch solution also generates a rapid setting, permanent bounding, and excellent adhesion. 

With BIOGUM 25, it enables you to have a better glue viscosity and can be prepared at high solids content.

Our solution offers faster and aggressive tack,  rapid setting time, fast-drying, permanent bonding, and also compromises good machine runnability. 

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