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Low coat weight powdered gloves with SURGON

Absorbable dusting powder is used as a donning agent to lubricate gloves. It should provide good lubrication, high temperature resistance, and sedimentation resistance. In the past, talc was used as absorbable dusting powder in glove production. Powdered disposable gloves are widely used in laboratories and in our daily lives because they are easy for donning, more durability, and non-sticky to moist skin compared to powder-free gloves.
SMS offers you innovative starch “SURGON”, absorbable dusting powder that can be applied at low coat weight for lubrication. It can be applied at either wet or dry process. Moreover, SMS will work closely with you for detailed application advice to meet the specific requirements of each factory.

natural glove,modified starch, ถุงมือแพทย์

Natural Rubber Glove

The free flowing modified corn starch, SURGON E provides excellent lubrication function at low coat weight and resist to swell in hot water, so it can be used at less dosage and longer period.

natural glove,modified starch, ถุงมือแพทย์

Synthetic Glove

The synthetic glove can be produced from nitrile, vinyl, neoprene, and others.

Each of the materials provide a unique benefit over conventional gloves, but they have difference characteristic.

SURGON E and SURGON W are developed to be able to coat on the synthetic glove under wet or dry process to provide lubrication function and easy donning.

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