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Creams and lotions, modified starch, ครีม, โลชั่น, วิธีทำครีม, thickener, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

EXCELCARE Series is a multifunctional natural-based polymer in which delicate to users while being environmentally friendly to create a green product for personal care.


is a natural polymer which imparts a new experience of aesthetic as it performs excellent oil absorbance, providing silk skin feel. With its purity and natural origin.

EXCELCARE BP series is alternative product which is effectively incorporated into liquid or powdered make up product where mild sensation of natural product is required.


is a natural non-ionic viscosity modifier which designed to boost up viscosity and improve rheological properties of formulation.

EXCELCARE TA40 is compatible with synthetic viscosity modifier allowing formulators to develop personal care product with various range of viscosity, while promoting soft to rich texture.

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