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Increasing productivity with less waste

Nowadays, corrugated board manufacturer continually strives to increase productivity and reduce overall cost from glue preparation. SMS as a global leader in modified tapioca starch keep continuously developing modified tapioca starch for corrugated board industry based on an idea of “GO GREEN PRODUCT” to improve bonding, glue stability, water retention and drying time.

These concepts have greatly benefit to corrugated board manufactures who seek for faster machine speed, higher productivity, cost saving and environmentally friendly.

SMS can help you with innovative tapioca-based starch solution to increase productivity with less waste paper while maintain sheet board strength or even stronger bonding. SMS will be happy to provide detailed application advice in close consultation with the factory personnel in order to meet the specific requirements of each factory.

Carrier Starch

SMS offers modified starches, SMS C200, SMS C300 and SMS GREEN416, as carrier starches for corrugated board industry. These modified starches provide the beneficial functions;

Good water retention

Adhesive containing carrier starch has good water retention. Most of the water is retained in the adhesive rather than absorbed by the corrugating medium leading to get fully gelatinization.

Stable viscosity

The unique modification of carrier starch helps shear resistance and provide more consistent viscosity during machine operation.

Faster development of green bond

High performance carrier starch has been designed to speed up the development of green bond while improving corrugated board quality.

Increase machine efficiency

With the using carrier starch, the production of corrugated board is  able to run at higher machine speed with good runnability. There is less sheet board delamination and wastes paper reduction.


SMS C500 is specially formulated to use as an additive in corrugated board production. It can be used both for “carrier” and “Non-carrier” system. It empowers an excellent performance on rapid migration of liquid starch adhesive to implement bonding of recycled paper grades, faster setting time which improve machine runnability and productivity.

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