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Bioplastic, starch plastic, bio-compostable plastic, ถุงพลาสติกย่อยสลายได้, TAPIOPLAST, ถุงขยะย่อยสล


TAPIOPLAST®TPS is a functional bioplastic resin derived from natural cassava. It is engineered to lead the way to sustainability by providing fast biodegradation and bio-content at a more affordable price than other biodegradable polymers.

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 Our TAPIOPLAST®TPS (registration no. 7W0435) has been verified by the Industrial Compostable Material Certificate DIN EN 13432:2000-12
ISO 17088:2012 
from DIN CERTCO, Germany, 'Seedling' logo guaranteeing biodegradability, chemical composition, disintegration, and ecotoxicity. 

Download the Certificate of Compostable Material of TAPIOPLAST®TPS

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