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As commonly known that plastic is a big environmental menace, however, there is a better alternative to keep our earth away from the plastic planet. This friendly alternative is “bioplastic” which is made from sustainable sources and naturally decays faster than traditional plastics. However, it is not widely used in plastic manufacturers because bioplastic is expensive compared to conventional plastic.

SMS has developed our thermoplastic starch, TAPIOPLAST®TPS by chemically modifying starch structure to have thermoplastic characteristics and more compatibility with plastic resin. Our TAPIOPLAST®TPS at a specific percentage along with PBAT and PLA can be processed by the blown film, injection molding, and thermoforming to make biodegradable products at affordable prices and can be accelerated the biodegradation rate of plastic products.

Our TAPIOPLAST®TPS (registration no. 7W0435) has been verified by the Industrial Compostable Material Certificate DIN EN 13432:2000-12
ISO 17088:2012 
from DIN CERTCO, Germany, 'Seedling' logo guaranteeing biodegradability, chemical composition, disintegration, and ecotoxicity. 

Download the Certificate of Compostable Material of TAPIOPLAST®TPS

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