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Tapioca Pearl, แป้งมันสำปะหลัง, ชานมไข่มุก, วิธีทำสาคู, สาคูไข่มุก, บัวลอย, modified starch

This tapioca balls are now hugely popular in Asia, the colored tapioca pearls add more fun to your customer’s iced milk tea. Our innovative starches, tap and waxy tap are specially used to improve the pearl texture to be more desirable, chewier, softer and more elastic. Plus, it helps reduce the cooking time and  provides excellent freeze-thaw stability.

Tapioca Pearl

We solve this challenge with BAKE-N-SOFT F1, a modified waxy tapioca starch that delivers an excellent chewy texture, reduces cooking time and provides superior freeze and thaw stability.

Our solutions using KREATION®NE can improve the softness and elasticity of your tapioca pearl with good resistance to cold processes.

Konjac Pearl

Konjac Pearl is now widely consumed  due to the current trend in weight management.

With SMS solutions, you can meet the challenge of serving the best product with our modified starch KREATION®TU10 which helps to reduce water loss during storage, improve cooking yield and provides excellent heat stability. 

Waxy Rice Ball (Tang Yuan)

Your sweet glutinous rice balls can be enhanced with KREATION®D8

We developed a solution to enhance the soft and chewy texture while reducing cooking time.

KREATION®D8  also provides excellent hot and cold water stability.

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