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Cake, Cookie & Pastry, modified starch, emulsifier, pregelatinized starch, soft, chewy

Fine pastries are a popular food choice across a wide variety of different consumer groups. Enhance the quality of your baked products by optimizing  texture and taste, adding fiber and extending the shelf life.

Cakes & Muffins

SMS helps to deliver unique texture for cake & muffin products through our portfolio of modified starch products.

GENIGEL®42 is a pregelatinized starch for improving binding properties, moisture retention and shelf life extension.


KREATION®ES delivers a delicious crispy texture and enhances the puffing ability of cookies.

Puffs & Pastries

You can create a long-lasting  crispy texture with our KREATION®BK in your puff & pastry products.

KREATION®BK is a cook-up starch used to achieve a desirable crispiness and meet changing consumer preferences.

High-Fiber Cookies

Create delicious high-fiber bakery products with our modified starch in high-fiber cookies.

PHYBOPLUS 1 is a resistant starch that enhances fiber content and improves crispiness in cookie products. 

Egg-Free Cakes

Egg is an important ingredient in sponge cake. Eggs  emulsify, act as a leavening agent and create the bubbles in the cake structure.

SMS offers a solution to cater to the demand for Vegan, Cholesterol-Free and Allergen-Free cake products.

A combination of EMULTEC®908 and VERITY 353 acts as an emulsifier and yolk replacement in cake formulation while helping producers overcome availability and price volatility problems in the egg market.

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Our research and development efforts have resulted in a number of innovative starches
that are widely recognized in the global market.

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