Capture Consumers’ Health Awareness Trend by Our Newly Launched ‘Multi-Functional Starch Series’ sms-underline

multifunctional starch for clean label

The global clean label ingredients market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2021 to 2026. More and more consumers pay close attention to their health, sustainable consumption, and ingredient labels. Health awareness has become a driving force for the increasing demands for clean label products in the market.
Winning consumer’s preference means delivering premium quality with desirable taste and texture without any chemically modified ingredient or ‘E-number’. Resulting from extensive research endeavors, SMS presents the newly launched Clean Label Starch Series: NATURA 265, NATURA N248, and PREMIO COAT 233. With the outstanding characteristics of functional native starch, this natural starch series offers optimal solutions for clean label ingredients, thickener, and texturizer in coated nuts, fresh noodle, and batter mix products at consumers’ preferences.

Natura®265 for Coated Nuts

Choosing ‘Natural Ingredient’ that can provide excellent texture is challenging for coated nut manufacturers. Our functional native starch solution, Natura®265, is specially formulated to develop appetizing texture and desirable sensory while maintaining clean label formula that consumers trust. 

Natura®265 gives the following versatile benefits:

  • Deliver crispy texture
  • Increase product volume and yield
  • Clean label
  • Prolong shelf-life



Natura®N248 for Fresh Noodles

Suitable functional native starch is necessary to formulate good quality clean label fresh noodle products. Our functional starch solution, Natura®N248 is specially designed to meet all qualities that consumers demand from clean label noodles in terms of texture, appearance, and cooking quality.

Natura®N248 provides the following versatile benefits:
- Provide soft and chewy texture
- Deliver slippery and shiny skin
- Reduce cooking time
- Improve hot-water stability

PREMIO COAT 233 for Batter Mix Products 

Deep-fried meat coating products are continually popular worldwide. Enticing aroma, taste, and crispiness are the key attributes that attract consumers’ buying decisions. To deliver the right crispiness while relying on natural ingredients as a clean label may pose a big challenge.

SMS has innovated PREMIO COAT 233 as a clean label solution to help you satisfy the consumers’ demand for clean label deep-fried products.

PREMIO COAT 233 provides the following versatile benefits:
- Desirable and Prolonged crunchiness
- Reduce oil up-taking
- Non-GMO

Promote clean label ingredients to the next level with premium quality solutions that provide unique characteristics and excellent functionality through SMS ‘Multi-Functional Starch Series’.
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