TAPIOPHARM™119 the Multi-function Starch Excipient for Pharmaceuticals sms-underline

The Multifunction Starch Excipient for Pha

The Ideal Choice for the Economical Tablet Compression

The growing demands for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products have called forth the manufacturers’ challenges to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. The most common problems in the tablet process are tablet capping and weight variation which affect the efficiency of production.

 These problems can be solved with TAPIOPHARM™119a new premium partially pregelatinized tapioca starch. TAPIOPHARM™119 is an excipient with multi-functions including excellent binder, excellent glidant, and excellent disintegrant, enabling up to 100% MCC replacement. Thus, tablets manufactured by TAPIOPHARM™119 are more cost-effective. TAPIOPHARM™119 is specially designed for direct compression and hard capsule filling, to help manufacturers solve the problems of low content uniformity, and tablet weight inconsistency with the best possible cost optimization. It also can be used as a filler/binder in wet/dry granulation. 

TAPIOPHARM™119 provides versatile benefits:
• High flowability
• Excellent disintegration
• Up to 100% MCC replacement
• Stable content uniformity
• High-speed tableting
• Low friability
• Cost-effectiveness
• Time-saving

Optimize the cost and time consumption while maintaining excellent tablet quality with TAPIOPHARM™119
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