Ensuring High-Quality and Improving Jelly-Gummy Production with SMS Molding Starch Solutions sms-underline

Ensuring High-Quality and Improving Jelly-Gummy Production

The trend of confectionery consumption is continuing to rise based on its popularity among all ages around the world. As active as the growing demand, the market becomes very competitive on quality, creativity, and choices offered to consumers. Therefore, manufacturers must now focus on innovation and development to offer confectionery products with various shapes, packaging, and flavors.

The jelly-gummy production process requires optimum solutions for texture, shapes, and cost of production. Shapability during the sharp impression process is one of the most important factors contributing to the appeal of Jelly. SMS provides modified starch solutions to improve the molding process as alternatives to traditional molds. The SMS molding starch proficiently enables better forming properties, prolonged shelf life, and cost-efficiency.



SUPREME®CF is the innovative molding starch to improve the productivity and quality of confectionery manufacturers with the following benefits;

• Excellent moisture absorbent during the stoving process
• Prevent stickiness & enhance tray printing
• Retain shape prior to depositing
• Bland taste & clean flavor
• Reusable for several times
• Cost-effectiveness

KREATION®PR & KREATION®OP are dusting powders to reduce product lumping for a better jelly gummy sweets experience with the following benefits;

• Retard stickiness & prevent lumping to final products
• Control moisture for sensitive ingredients
• Optimize flow & dusty properties
• Prolong product shelf life

With SMS solutions, we innovate to help you produce better products that consumers love at the highest quality & cost efficiency.
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