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Maltodextrin, modified tapicoa starch, Texturizer, tapioca starch

Non-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Tapioca Maltodextrin is derived from Cassava roots which are certified non-GMO in accordance to Thailand government policy.

D-PERSE® series are maltodextrin which produced from non-GMO tapioca starch through sophisticated high purification technology, and also covers range of 2-15 Dextrose Equivalent (DE) of starch. Moreover, it can perform as a good fat replacer and carrying agent without interference to flavor and color of food products.

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Instant Mochi

Your instant mochi can be easily prepared in cold water by combining GENIGEL®48 and D-PERSE®2 together. GENIGEL®48, our pregelatinized starch, helps improve the binding ability, patterned shapes, and softness while D-PERSE®2, our maltodextrin, functions as an excellent bulking agent to increase dough density.

Both solutions also provide freeze & thaw stability which is suitable for instant processing.

Seasoning Powder – Bulking Agent

D-PERSE®2 is a maltodextrin covering a DE range between DE 8-12. This product performs well as a carrying agent without interfering with flavor or color.

Liquid Dosage Form

Liquid Dosage Form

SMS presents TAPIOPHARM™L8, a hydroxypropyl tapioca starch which could be used as a thickening agent in liquid dosage form formulation. TAPIOPHARM™DP3, a tapioca maltodextrin, and TAPIOPHARM™DPL, a dried pea glucose syrup, enhance the sweetness and increase viscosity in liquid formulation with a pleasant mouthfeel. Furthermore, their anti-crystallization effect allows a liquid solution to remain stable. SMS also offers TAPIOPHARM™E35, an emulsifying tapioca starch as a solution for unstable clouding emulsion.

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