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Clean Label

Clean label food is the preferred solution of producers and consumers alike. The clean label trend is strong, driven by the food label fight and consumer awareness. The aim is health and sustainability of the food we eat. Food manufacturers work hard to reformulate and clean their label while maintaining product properties. Finding a natural solution without additives and E-numbers is a challenge. SMS deep understanding of the nature of the raw materials we process can help to propose an alternative solution. 

SMS offers natural clean label starch solutions, suitable for application in liquid food, yogurt, marinated meat, batter mix, frozen food, and coated nut.

Clean Label Yogurt

Consumers nowadays are more concerned about what they eat and chemical additives in their daily food.

You can now develop clean label yogurt with our functional native starches; Natura® Y68 is used to improve the creamy texture and Natura® Y808 to enhance the light texture. Both starches provide a glossy appearance and high tolerance to heat processes. 

With the outstanding transparency and excellent freeze and thaw stability of waxy tapioca-based, making our solutions fulfill the requirement of yogurt consumers.

Click to download the remarkable properties of Natura® Y68 and Natura® Y808.


Frozen Dumpling

Clean Label Dumplings

Expand into the clean label diet with Natura®One – our functional waxy tapioca starch that gives the superior water-holding capacity and freeze-thaw stability. This clean label solution also effectively helps reduce retrogradation, dough cracking, cooking time, and enhance transparent appearance. 

With the unique property of waxy tapioca starch-based, it makes the outstanding transparent appearance of frozen dumpling products.

Clean Label Marinated Meat

Health conscious consumers prefer to select products without chemical additives. Our Natura®Y68 meets their needs, it helps improve cooking yield, juiciness while providing a phosphate-free clean label solution for your meat product. 

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Clean Label Coated Nuts

Apart from perfect texture, but consumers also prefer to consume healthy products made from natural ingredients. SMS offers a solution to solve this challenge with Natura® Lite, a functional native starch, for imparting light crispness, good puffing ability, and good film-forming property. Consumers will experience excellent expansion and light crispness in a natural clean label recipe.

Natura® Lite based on waxy tapioca starch, its excellent expansion performs well in snack products.

Click here to explore the outstanding properties of Natura® Lite.

modified starch, wafer, เวเฟอร์อบกรอบ

Clean Label Wafers

Get crispy clean label wafer with Natura® STN. This enhances crispness and reduces cracking during production and distribution. The formulation can also be served in a clean label recipe.

clean label mayonnaise, salad dressing, วิธีการทำสลัด

Clean Label Mayonnaise & Dressing

To serve consumers in line with the healthy trend, SMS provides clean label solutions for mayonnaise and dressing lovers. Using Natura® Y808 as a functional native starch for your thickening system provides stable viscosity in dressings. This functional native starch can resist heat, acid, and high shear processes similar to modified starches. It can be applied in clean-label recipes. 


soup sauce clean label

Clean Label Soups, Sauces & Gravies

To serve customers following the healthy lifestyle trend, SMS has developed clean label solutions for soup and sauce lovers. Using Natura® Y68 or Natura® Y808 as functional native starches for your thickening system helps to provide stable viscosity in soup, salad and gravy products.These functional native starches can resist heat, acid and high shear similar to modified starches.

Click to download the remarkable properties of Natura® Y68 and Natura® Y808.

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