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Yogurt takes its place as popular snack option as the trend towards healthy eating gains popularity. Texture and appearance are key factors in consumers’ choice while other factors such as flavor, taste, mouthfeel, and aftertaste are also considered. Texture is the dominant factor which is characterized by smoothness, thickness, and a melt in mouth sensation.  SMS innovative functional starches are specially designed to enhance your yogurt in a unique way like never before.

Stirred Yogurt

We deliver the starch solutions to adjust the desirable texture along with the superior process tolerance and shelf-life stability. KREATION® Y910 and KREATION®TU10 proficiently improve the light-creamy texture to indulgent yogurt while KREATION®YD performs as a suitable choice to provide both light texture and extremely high process tolerance. With our yogurt solutions, we ensure to contribute an excellent resistance to double-heat treatment and glossy appearance in any shelf-stable yogurt and deliver yogurt texture that consumers want.  

Gelatin-Free Yogurt

More consumers choosing a diet without gelatin provides a challenge for producers. We provide you with an alternative option to totally replace gelatin in your yogurt recipe. KREAMERY®GF gives you a bouncy, springy and creamy texture. This modified starch can be used along with your viscosifying starch.

Zero Fat Yogurt

Healthy products for health-conscious consumers are a hit now. However, when fat is removed from yogurt, the product lacks the normal mouthfeel.

By this, SMS has introduced versatile solutions: D-PERSE®1 – a special tapioca maltodextrin, Natura R1 – a functional rice starch, and Natura G3 – a functional waxy rice starch that can mimic the mouthfeel of regular yogurt and provide the distinct creamy mouthfeel and fat-like experience as consumer’s preference.


Clean Label Yogurt

Consumers nowadays are more concerned about what they eat and chemical additives in their daily food.

You can now develop clean label yogurt with our functional native starches; Natura® Y68 is used to improve the creamy texture and Natura® Y808 to enhance the light texture. Both starches provide a glossy appearance and high tolerance to heat processes. 

With the outstanding transparency and excellent freeze and thaw stability of waxy tapioca-based, making our solutions fulfill the requirement of yogurt consumers.

Click to download the remarkable properties of Natura® Y68 and Natura® Y808.


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