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If you are looking for the solutions to improve noodle texture, we are here to help. Our wide range of modified starches can be applied to wheat noodles, to enrich the soft and elastic texture in any condition, reduce cooking time and stabilize freeze-thaw ability. With a distinct water-binding capacity, our products can absorb the optimum water levels to create and control desirable noodle texture to match consumers’ preferences.

Fresh Wheat Noodles

Deliver savory noodles with KREATION®SS, the solution that improves softness and elasticity. We haves the solutions to provide what consumers are looking for in their fresh noodle dishes.

Clean Label Fresh Noodle solution

Clean Label Fresh Noodle

The demand of clean label food is increasingly popular worldwide. Staying clean from natural ingredient while delivering great taste and texture is main key to impress consumer’s satisfaction.

NATURA N248 is specially designed to meet all qualities that consumers demand from clean label noodles, enhancing soft & chewy texture, shiny skin, reduced cooking time and excellent hot-water stability.

High-Fiber Noodle

Adding fiber to traditional noodle is the wholesome solution to boost up healthiness. You can lift up the healthy diet with PHYBOPLUS 2  tapioca-based resistant starch, applicable for both fresh, dried & instant noodle. PHYBOPLUS 2 helps enrich fiber content, easy to process at 10-15% of flour, reduce calorie, smooth & elastic texture.


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Instant Wheat Noodles

You can go beyond the competitive instant noodle market with KREATION®NE to help you improve texture by imparting a favorable softness and elasticity suitable for each noodle style. Moreover, the solutions are optimized to reduce cooking time which meets key consumer preferences.

pasta, modified starch, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

Instant Pasta

VERITY®497, our pregelatinized starch, is specially formulated to provide excellent binding properties, giving the right texture and elasticity for your pasta even after reduced cooking times. With us, you can make sure to serve the best tasting pasta to your consumers.

Chilled and Frozen Wheat Noodles

Tap into the lifestyle of busy consumers with KREATION®D8, the solution designed to improve the softness and elasticity of the noodle texture during the chilling and freezing process. It also provides excellent freeze - thaw stability, to make sure the consumers will experience the right texture for their meal.

Long Life Wheat Noodles

KREATION®420 enables you to prolong noodle shelf life with high resistance to heat, acid, shear and high thermal processes while maintaining the softness and elasticity of the noodle texture. 

Clean Label Frozen Noodles

We provide the starch solution Natura® One that helps you produce clean label noodles without chemical additives. Absolutely, it improves elasticity and softness of the noodle texture and delivers excellent freeze-thaw stability.

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