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Wet Pet Food, waxy tapioca starch, gelatin replacer, อาหารสุนัข สุขภาพดี

Wet pet food products are popular especially ‘meat chunks in gravy’ and ‘meat chunks in jelly’. The thermal sterilization process of these high moisture products is critical to preserve quality and prevent microbiological growth after canning. SMS offers a range of high heat resistant products designed to function as  gelling agents, thickeners, and texturizers.

Canned Pet Food

For producers requiring gelling agents, using SUPREME PM1 can provide a desirable jelly texture with resistance to heat, acid and high shear. It can also be used as a gelatin replacer. For producers requiring thickening, the SAUCETEC®Series or KREATION®TU10 can help to improve viscosity, high water holding capacity and provide resistance to high acid, shear and heat. These solutions help maintain good stability throughout the product’s shelf life.

Clean Label Canned Pet Food

Natura® Y68, Natura® Y808 To serve products in line with recent health trends, SMS provides clean label solutions for pet food as well. Using Natura® Y68 or Natura® Y808 as functional native starches as a thickening system provides stable viscosity. These functional native starches are resistant to heat, acid and high shear similar to modified starches. They can be applied in clean label recipes.

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