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Ready Meal, อาหารแช่เยือกแข็ง, ทนแช่แข็ง, modified starch, ซอสแช่แข็ง, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

Ready meals have now become indispensable for people in this fast-paced modern world. As our lifestyles have changed, people have become too busy to cook a dish for themselves. Our innovative modified starch enables the excellent performance to maintain food texture in the best condition, keeping the juicy texture in meats or other ingredients. We make sure the customers will experience the products just like a freshly cooked meal. 

Frozen Sauce

Solve the challenge of developing a delicious ready meal with modified tapioca starch, SAUCETEC 637, this solution has been developed to increase viscosity and glossiness in the frozen product. It also provides excellent resistance to heat, acid, shear process, and also superior freeze-thaw stability. 

Frozen Rice

Get gently soft Jasmine rice  with our solution KREATION ® FM. This innovative solution retards the staling process of chilled rice and supports high capacity moisture retention, so that you deliver the right feel and texture to meet consumer’s trend.

Frozen Omelet

Deliver the right taste and texture of a freshly cooked meal with KREATION ® D8, the solution that proficiently improves the soft and smooth texture after the freeze-thaw process and also prevents syneresis during the freezing process. 

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