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Non-Dairy Creamer, modified starch, ครีมเทียม, แทนเคซีน, caseinate replacer, ลดต้นทุน, แป้งมันสำปะหล

Non-dairy creamer and coffee whitener has become an important ingredient for coffee lovers, even some consumers are allergic to milk. The problem is sorted out here with SMS modified tapioca starch to help you replace caseinate in dairy cream and replace fat in order to satisfy consumer’s needs.

Non-Dairy Creamer

Non-dairy creamer can now be improved with KREAM 21 to enhance emulsion stability, whitening and mouthfeel the same as milk in coffee and is also used to partially replace sodium caseinate for cost optimization.

Also, KREAM 1516 is recommended to be used for products that need higher oil emulsion.

Fat Powder & Coconut : Casein-Free

Sodium caseinate is well know as an emulsifier in dairy products which not only provides a good emulsion but also enhances the whiteness and mouthfeel of products.

KREAM 1516 is used as a sodium caseinate replacement with no risk of allergic reactions.

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