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The desirable texture for this oriental dessert is its chewy and elastic texture which uses Mochi dough to craft an unforgettable experience for your customers. Our modified tapioca starches can help you deliver the finest textured Mochi and ensure the longer freeze-thaw stability of the satisfying shapes and textures while also prolonging shelf life. 

Mochi Film

KREATION®310 can improve the elasticity and strength of dough texture, enhance freeze-thaw stability, and extend your mochi’s shelf life. Along with KREATION®OP – a dusting powder, it ensures reduction of stickiness and tooth packing.

Crystal Mochi

Elevate your crystal mochi with a unique texture by using our solution KREATION®420 and KREATION®440 the starches that are formulated to give a glossy appearance, soft and chewy texture while also providing excellent freeze-thaw stability. 

Daifuku Mochi

Create this popular dessert with a chewy and glutinous texture with KREATION®D8 – the modified tapioca starch and PREMIO G9 – the waxy rice flour as dough improver that provide the right softness and elasticity to the mochi as well as excellent freeze-thaw stability. 

pregelatinized starch, instant mochi, maltodextrin, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร, วิธีทำโมจิ

Instant Mochi

Your instant mochi can be easily prepared in cold water by combining GENIGEL®48 and D-PERSE®2 together. GENIGEL®48, our pregelatinized starch, helps improve the binding ability, patterned shapes, and softness while D-PERSE®2, our maltodextrin, functions as an excellent bulking agent to increase dough density.

Both solutions also provide freeze & thaw stability which is suitable for instant processing.

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