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Mixed Beverage, modified starch, 3 in 1, mouthfeel, flavor encapsulation, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

Mixed powders are used in a variety of beverages like, fruit based flavored drinks and 3-in-1 instant powdered coffee. They can be consumed either hot or cold depending on the consumer’s preference. Our modified starches are specially created to help your beverage become a favorite choice for your customers. SMS modified starch solutions enable mouthfeel, boost taste and flavor while providing cost optimization. We assure your beverage will become the first choice for your customers. 

Mixed Beverage

To serve the mixed beverage to the consumer's satisfaction, the right mouthfeel and flavor are the key. This challenge is now solved with KREATION®FM tapioca based starch which acts as a mouthfeel enhancer. This modified starch helps to adjust each beverage to the right level of viscosity without interfering with the desirable taste

Flavor Powder

Here you can catch up to the changing customer demand. Our experts have configured emulsifying starch solutions to serve flavor manufacturers in delivering the full delectable taste with FLAVOTEC® D30FLAVOTEC® N286 and FLAVOTEC® N281 which enables excellent stability of oil-based flavor encapsulation.

Non-Dairy Creamer, modified starch, ครีมเทียม, แทนเคซีน, caseinate replacer, ลดต้นทุน, แป้งมันสำปะหล

Non-dairy creamer

Non-dairy creamer can now be improved with KREAM 21 to enhance emulsion stability, whitening and mouthfeel the same as milk in coffee and is also used to partially replace sodium caseinate for cost optimization. Also, KREAM 1516 is recommended to be used for products that need higher oil emulsion.

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