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Meatless Solution

In the past few years, plant-based products have been racking into the mainstream diets. Consumers have been turning away from animal meats and embracing vegan life style of plant-based diet. The traditional meatless alternatives however lack the appetizing meat-like appearance.

Formulating perfect meat analogs’ textures are difficult for startup companies lacking the technology and know-how expertise to produce meat substitute products.
SMS Innovation Center is dedicated to developing excellent plant-based meat solutions to produce all-purpose plant-based meats with flavorful taste and meat-like experience.

All Purpose Plant-based Meat

SMS has developed I-BIND™, an integrated mixture of plant-protein and food texturizer (Meatless Solution). I-BIND™, effectively enables excellent binding ability: mixing, freezing, grilling, deep frying, and steaming process, while improving firm, bouncy, and juicy texture for plant-based proteins. With I-BIND™, you can now create meat-free products more easily than ever.

Plant-based meat products can be easily done with KREATION® N-BIND

Meatless Patty

Maintaining meat-like texture in plant-based meat products can be easily done with KREATION® N-BIND - the functional modified starch, specially designed to provide excellent protein binding, high water binding, elasticity, fibrous like, juicy texture, and crumble prevention. 

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