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Appearance, texture and flavor are essential to a consumer’s purchasing decisions. Traditionally, meats have been marinated to improve texture, flavor and prolong shelf life. Advanced food innovation is finally here. SMS created phosphate-free meat marinade solutions to enhance your meat through any process. Our modified tapioca starch proficiently enables the excellent water holding capacity while delivering juicy texture and retaining freshness even in a steamed, frozen or chilled conditions to help you serve the finest meat products to your consumers.

Phosphate-Free Marinated Meat

The key is to preserve the meat with both excellent appearance and texture. With the starch solution KREATION®1202, you will enhance meat product with a high cooking yield while improving juiciness with a phosphate-free flavorful marinade.

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Cooked Ham

Cooked ham is a brine-treated product that is produced with a tumbling and cooling treatment. KREATION® N-BIND efficiently improves juiciness, texture and cooking yield while being phosphate-free to keep your cooked ham product in the most desirable condition. 

Clean Label Marinated Meat

Health conscious consumers prefer to select products without chemical additives. Our Natura®Y68 meets their needs, it helps improve cooking yield, juiciness while providing a phosphate-free clean label solution for your meat product. 

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