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Meat Emulsion & Meat Analogue, vegan, plant-based meat, meat-free, โปรตีนจากพืช, เนื้อจากพืช

Whether fresh, smoked or pickled sausage, we make sure consumers will experience the ultimate meat sausage. Our modified starches are formulated to support a pleasing texture for diverse array of sausages. The solutions are capable of enhancing firmness, prolonging shelf life and improving water and moisture preservation, to deliver the most delicious freshly-ground meat product.

Sausage & Meat Balls

Now that processed meats are widely consumed, there is a solution for you to deliver a superior quality product with our modified starch, KREATION®20CL, SUPREME BF6 that effectively boosts firmness, elasticity, water-holding capacity, and high thermal resistance. Get the right texture and taste for your consumer with SMS’s innovative solutions.  

Corned Beef

For processed meat, a salt-cured beef product really needs water absorbents and binding agents. Our KREATION®BG provides ultimate performance in texturing and binging ability while also enhancing high thermal resistance, to guarantee that the excellent meat quality is preserved. 

Fried Meat Balls

Serving ready-made food to consumers requires many additives to improve the product’s properties. We created KREATION®BG to provide increased expansion for meat balls, prevent texture collapse after frying, and improve water binding capacity.

meat patty, modified starch, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร

Meat Patty

Our solution BINDGEL® was created to solve the manufacturer’s challenges in enhancing binding properties, increasing cooking yield, and boosting holding capacity. Surely, you can serve the savory treat to meat lovers.  

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