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Frozen dumpling have long been a popular appetizer in traditional Asian cuisines. Our modified tapioca starch solution creates the best dumpling dough, enhancing the glossy appearance and elastic texture, reducing cooking time and protecting against face cracking during the freeze-thaw process. Our solutions are uniquely designed for use in each desirable dumpling texture. 

Frozen Gyoza

Perfect the texture with our modified starch, KREATION® 1305, the solution that gives your Gyoza the outstanding crispy texture on the outside and the soft elastic texture on the inside.

We can help you match your consumers tastes easier. 

Frozen Har Kow

Get the soft glutinous Har Kow with our KREATION®NE solution, which helps enhance the transparent appearance and elastic texture, provides excellent freeze-thaw stability and reduces dough cracking. 

Frozen Steamed Buns

Our solution KREATION®440 is formulated to solve the manufacturer’s primary challenges. Its high capacity for water retention provides the soft texture and reduces tooth packing while also enhancing  freeze-thaw stability. We ensure you will serve the consumers’ favorite steamed buns.

Frozen Dumpling

Clean Label Dumplings

Expand into the clean label diet with Natura®One – our functional waxy tapioca starch that gives the superior water-holding capacity and freeze-thaw stability. This clean label solution also effectively helps reduce retrogradation, dough cracking, cooking time, and enhance transparent appearance. 

With the unique property of waxy tapioca starch-based, it makes the outstanding transparent appearance of frozen dumpling products.

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