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Fillings, Toppings & Glazings, modified starch, butter cream, แป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร, ครีมไขมันต่ำ

A wide range of fillings, toppings, and glazing are creative items to help the manufacturer add color and a delicious taste to their bakery products. Our starch solutions allow manufacturers to make their  baked products more creatively  by enhancing viscosity, stability and glossy appearance  while providing excellent heat, acid, shear process resistance.  Our solutions ensure you can serve a wonderful dessert to your consumers.


Solutions are here to help you create  a fresh and indulgent experience for your savory bakery products. Our SAUCETEC Series provides a superior viscosity and stability for your fillings, furnish glossy appearance, gives an excellent resistance to acid, heat, and shear process, and also extends  the shelf life of your products in the finest condition.

Bakable Fillings

Our KREATION®TU10 plays a role as a viscosifier and a stabilizer. You can ensure your filling has high resistance to all extremes without any texture or flavor changes and also prolongs shelf life. 

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Beautify your baked products with a shiny appearance and glossy texture with VERITY 809 without using egg as an ingredient. Not using eggs to add glossy texture helps you save on production costs and shortens the preparation process with an excellent result. 

Butter Cream

Reducing fat in butter cream can cause a loss of the creamy texture. Our VERITY 353 has a high capacity for fat replacement, delivering the same creamy texture as original butter cream.

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