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Color of food has a major influencing effect on customer’s preference and choice. The current trend of food color is to replace synthetic colorings by natural color such as carotenoids family like beta-carotenes, paprika, or turmeric. Even carotenoids are oil-soluble; they can apply as food colorants in water-base system by using emulsion process but the broken of emulsion can cause an undesirable color agglomeration, cap staining, or color ringing.
However, SMS innovative food starch is specially formulated as a food color emulsifier and clouding agent for beverage in both liquid and powder form. All functions can reach consumer demands in term of product improvement and cost optimization.

Beverage Emulsion

Our FLAVOTEC®N201 is designed to improve emulsion stability for a clouding agent and food color, it also contributes low viscosity which is suitable for high solid emulsion.


Powdered Clouding Agent

Powdered Clouding Agent

KREATION® PS as a plating agent provides the most convenient way to transform emulsion into dry powder without a spray drying process, and facilitates a high loading capacity up to 60% with excellent free-flowing properties.

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