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Think of melty cheese nachos, savory grilled cheese, creamy mozzarella cheese on pizza and in lasagna, definitely mouthwatering for most people. Cheese, with its smooth flavor and creamy texture is a favorite for many people. The SMS innovative solution is here, our modified starch solutions enable excellent performance in cost reduction, shelf life extension, caseinate replacement,  reducing separation while cooking and long process resistance in order to help you make the most delicious recipe to serve your consumers.

Processed Cheese

Our modified starch solutions are formulated to improve textural performance. KREATION ®PC functions as a gelling agent and contributes to a smooth texture and glossy surface, partially replaces sodium caseinate, delivers excellent freeze-thaw stability, sliceabilty and shredability.

With KREATION®755, we ensure you can serve processed cheese with these excellent properties and a highly desirable stringy texture.

Heat Resistant Cheese

This challenge is easily solved using KREATION®1305 for soft texture cheeses and KREATION®TU10 for hard texture cheeses.

You can produce cheese with a smooth texture and excellent resistance to high heat cooking conditions, improved freeze-thaw stability and get your cheese product sliced and shredded easily.

Dusting Powder

Shredded cheese is a widely used in numerous recipe in nowadays.

Meet the market with KREATION®OP the modified starch designed as a potato starch replacement that effectively prevents stickiness, provides a transparent appearance and flowability to your cheese product for your consumers to enjoy. 

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