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Fine pastries are a popular food choice across a wide variety of different consumer groups.

Enhance the quality of your baked products by optimizing texture and taste, adding fiber and even extending the shelf life.

Sliced Bread, waxy tapioca starch based product, chewy texture

Sliced Bread

Consumers prefer their bread choices to be chewy and soft in texture throughout its shelf life. SMS has unique solutions to deliver texturally perfect bread products.

KREATION®D8 our cook-up modified starch improves softness, chewiness, and moisture retention while extending shelf life at room temperature.

With an outstanding texture of waxy tapioca starch-based, BAKE-N-SOFT F1, improves soft and chewy texture, moisture retention and extends the shelf life of bread products.

Cheese Bread

Cheese Bread

SMS modified starches enable producers create the unique textural experience of Brazilian cheese bread.

The KREATION®D8 together with GENIGEL®42 allows improved texture and moisture retention with enhanced dough binding and conditioning.

GENIGEL®42 is a pregelatinized starch delivering improved dough binding, conditioning and moisture retention for chilled and frozen dough. KREATION®D8, a cook-up modified starch enhances softness and chewiness in mouth feel.

Mochi Bread

The unique chewy texture of mochi bread products for Asian markets can be achieved with VERITY 8. It enhances bread creating a unique soft and chewy texture popular with Asian consumers. 

Frozen Dough

Freeze and thaw stability is essential for good quality frozen bakery products.

Using KREATION®D8 improves softness and chewiness while delivering good freeze and thaw stability.

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