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Bring plant-based beverages and dairy alternatives to the next level. With the increasing numbers of vegans and lactose-intolerant consumers today, plant-based and dairy alternative manufacturers have found increasing growth to meet the market demand. Dairy alternatives offer flavorful dairy experiences in vegan-friendly products.

The challenge of manufacturers is to achieve the dairy taste and texture while delivering a wide range of vegan recipes. This is where the carefully designed starch solutions by SMS are applied as dairy replacers. They are customized for various desirable texture, mouthfeel, and flavorful taste to broaden non-dairy and plant-based profile in your products.

Vegan Yogurt

Vegan Yogurt

The creamy and smooth texture of yogurt is as important as flavor with indulgent and desirable mouthfeel. However, taking away dairy ingredients in a vegan yogurt formulation without suitable corresponding replacers will affect the creamy texture due to lack of milk curd. SMS offers solutions for vegan yogurt formulations with comprehensive desirable tastes and texture. KREATION®Y910, modified tapioca starch, serves as a dairy alternative stabilizer and texturizer. For clean label yogurt, NATURA Y808, a functional native waxy tapioca starch, delivers outstanding texture and product stability. KREATION®Y910 and NATURA Y808 are specially developed to enhance viscosity, prevent whey-off, and instill excellent stability in high-process conditions.


vegan cheese

Vegan Cheese

With increasing popularity, vegan or plant-based cheeses are made of non-dairy ingredients carefully developed to still deliver the dairy flavors. To maintain the desirable cheese texture without dairy ingredients, SMS introduces a wide range of modified starches as dairy replacers for all vegan cheese formulations. BATTER 225 is formulated to proficiently build the cheese structure. SAUCETEC P11 is developed to balance creamy mouthfeel. EMULTEC®908 is used as an emulsifier in the cheese emulsion system. With these solutions, consumers can experience various vegan products with different profiles sure to be found delicious. 

Vegan Ice-cream

Vegan Ice-Cream

Deliver vegan-friendly ice-cream with enjoyable texture and mouthfeel with SMS modified starch solutions. KREATION®Y910 is a partial replacer of locust bean gum to increase ice-cream mixing viscosity, retard melting, reduce ice-crystal content during freezing, and improve the smoothness and creaminess of ice-cream.

plant-based beverage

Plant-Based Beverage

Enhance the mouthfeel of plant-based beverages with KREATION®FM. This modified starch solution helps to enrich creamy mouthfeel, maintain healthy nutrition contents, and preserve good taste and texture attributes in the plant-based beverage. Consumers will enjoy vegan beverages with an indulgent experience with KREATION®FM

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